Gone shoppin…

Getting to Las Vegas after spending six weeks in Moab, Utah is like getting back to civilization again. Moab is a beautiful, somewhat eclectic tourist town. Since its tourist season is primarily from March 1st to October 31st, they pretty much roll up the sidewalks over the winter months.

There are two grocery stores, but no Walmart… no Target… no Home Depot… no mall… and no Camping World for the everyday items we’ve come to count on. This year it got me to thinking about how I need to prepare for our new life as gate guards. With all the caleche we’ll be dealing with, we decided we need a good ground cover to help keep the amount we track in to a minimum. So we went to Camping World while we’re here in Las Vegas and bought a big indoor/outdoor carpet with grommets we can use to anchor it to the ground so it won’t blow away. Yes, Texas does get windy!

Next we bought a nice indoor/outdoor 37″ square folding table I can use to do my jigsaw puzzles since I will be the one up all night. And I do love a good, challenging puzzle! I figure I can also use it when I work on quilting for our granddaughters. We can also use it outside as a work table if we need to.

After reading other gate guard’s blogs and their problems with unwanted pests I’ve decided to do some more shopping before we get assigned to a gate. I’m going to put all cereals, chips, crackers, sugar (and other food items that could attract uninvited munchers) into containers. Ants & mice are not good for RVs.

If anyone has more good suggestions I should know about so I’m better prepared for living in the boonies, please feel free to share them with me.

Thank you!



9 thoughts on “Gone shoppin…

  1. No advice, just looking forward to your arrival! Kevin did write to me today to suggest putting rope lights on the ground around the RV. He said the mice (he’s heard) won’t cross the lights. If you did that, you might be able to sit outside and work your jigsaw puzzles! 😉

      • How funny 😀

        I looked at my stats and I’ve already had over 290 visitors… holly cow! I have not even linked to Facebook yet. I think this is going to be fun keeping in touch with other gate guards. BTW… have you tried the rope lights yet to keep the mice away? We’ve also been told to spread Comet cleaners around the rig to keep out insects. Don’t know if it works for mice or not but can’t hurt to try!

  2. We’re hoping to start our gate guarding adventures in January. Right now we’re up in Kansas where I’m doing the Amazon thing. Not sure how mail delivery will work with gate guarding, but I have learned that you can buy darn nearly anything from Amazon, so that might be handing in the remote guarding situation!

    • Yes, since we started full-timing 3 years ago I’ve become a huge customer of Amazon. I can get things thru them that I can’t find in stores. Good luck on your gate guarding adventures too!

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