On The Road Back To Texas!

Spending the last six days in Las Vegas was fun and seeing family was great! We did discover we are not “fine dining” literate though. One night we took Bob’s brother to the “Top of the World” restaurant in the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino on the strip. The view was a million dollar view as the restaurant slowly turns 360 degrees.

Back to the fine dining though. It’s real hard to know what to order when you don’t even know what is on the menu. I mean Asparagus with aged lemon*&@??? I asked the waiter what the heck is aged lemon? To which he replied–it’s just lemon. I asked him what Arugula (or however it was spelled) was and he said, “Oh, it’s a vegetable and it’s green. Okay… thank you for that. And for $55 all you get is the meat, no sides or drinks. My husband, the bean-counting-accountant was not amused. I don’t think we will be doing the fine dining thing again anytime soon!

Now, while this is happening, there are people strapping themselves to a line and jumping off the edge of a perfectly good building!!! Not in this lifetime.

This brings up another passion I used to have… until I heard the news over the weekend. You see, when we go to Moab, Utah I keep wanting to do the tandem sky diving. It looks awesomely fun.

Well, last weekend a well-seasoned skydiver took a 70-year-old student on a tandem jump. This guy had over 11,000 jumps to his credit. Guess what happened… the main chute malfunctioned so he pulled the back up chute cord and it also malfunctioned. Both of them hit the ground at 40 mph. Neither survived I’m sad to report.

I’ve noticed that as I get older, I become less adventurous. Wild roller coasters just don’t do anything for me anymore, in fact they scare the bejesus out of me! I’ve now crossed skydiving off my bucket list.

That’s it for now…



8 thoughts on “On The Road Back To Texas!

  1. I’m sure I was insane during my mid life crisis. When I was 50 I did a bungee jump. As I stood at the top of the jump, all strapped in and ready to launch myself into space, I was petrified with fear and afraid I would wet my pance. I did the jump with my eyes closed and as I hit the bottom of the jump and felt the pull of the cord as it started to propel me back up, I thought, thank God this is over. Only it wasn’t. I was yanked almost all the way back up and had to endure an eternity of more up and down motions. There is no cure for stjupidity.

    • Yes that is the tower with the roller coaster on top, but I don’t think they are operating it anymore. It had too many problems. There is another couple of rides up there but we did not go on them. As I’ve gotten older, I have developed a fear of high places and that is very high up.

      • There was a special on TV that included a report on that coaster. If it were running, there is not enough money in the world to make me get on it.

      • You got that right Bob!!! Being that high up in the restaurant was enough for me! Before we left my brother-in-law went over to the window & looked down. Bob asked me if I wanted to do that and I said absolutely not… I’d get too dizzy.

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