We’re on-target & enjoying life along the way!

This is my first chance to sit down at my computer since we arrived in Teague a week and 1/2 ago. We are doing many things we just have not been able to do for the last three years… like relax.

Another thing we have not been able to do is organize our rig. Tomorrow will be our first anniversary in our beautiful Travel Supreme Select. Even though it is a 2004 model, it was like new to us and what we have always wanted in a motorhome. Unfortunately, it needed some TLC (a lot to be exact) when we first picked it up. In fact, it needed more than we had anticipated, but, I’m happy to say it has been all worth it.

For the first time in the whole first year we have the time to organize the Silver Bullet, as we call her, so we can maximize our storage space.

Normally, the hardest part of moving into and living in an RV of any kind is keeping the weight down… gee, I’m having that problem too…

Our former home was a 2006 Damon Challenger. While it was very adequate for our needs, it lacked the room and the ability to handle the added weight of any extras, like a washer/dryer and a dishwasher. That’s one of the biggest reason we traded for the TS.

Now, instead of watching every little thing we bring in the front door and adding up the weights, we are several thousand pounds underweight. And when we get done cleaning this baby out we will be even lighter! You see, in our last job (creating guest services guides for RV parks) we were packed to the gills with paperwork. We could not believe the amount of paperwork that job entailed. I’ve been emptying containers left and right. I can even see open spaces in the back closet now.

We’ve also put on our other hats since we’ve arrived in Teague, that of Nana & Grandpa. We have three adorable granddaughters in town, ages 11, 5, and 1. I’ve also been spending every moment I can with my daughter Bobbi. Katelyn, the 5-year-old, spent the night our very first night here. We took her a Dairy Queen lunch at her school last week. We all enjoyed that. We’d love to do things like this with 11-year-old Corynn, but she’s at the age where we are low on the priority list… for now anyway. I’ll look forward to the day when we are not so square (or whatever they say these days) anymore!

I’ve been reading comments and blog posts from other gate guards on my cell phone and I’ve gotten a big education regarding rodents and other pests. We are going over the Silver Bullet with a fine-tooth comb to seal all possible points of entry that we can find. I’ve bought stock in Comet Cleanser to put down around the rig. It’s good for keeping ants and other pests away.

Right now Bob is researching on the Internet to find the best sonic pest control device possible. We’ll put those in the basement and hopefully stop any intrusion from coming upstairs!

I’m rethinking how I will store food and already making modifications. For example, I have a big bin under the sink that I use to store cereals, chips, brown sugar, oatmeal, raisins, boxed mac & cheese, and items like that. Great fodder for mice to come in and gnaw on. I found a large container, I just emptied of paperwork, would fit perfectly in this bin. And it has a lid. So I took everything in that bin and put it in the container and placed the container in the bin. Voila! Great way to keep the mice and ants out of our food.

I’m going to measure the credenza next to the dining table and buy containers to put in there to hold all kinds of food items that mice would love to feast on. Those plastic coffee containers are good for things like noodles or snacks. Just take a magic marker and label it on the outside. Or, take a label maker and do it that way… that way when you want to change what is in that container, all you have to do is make a new label.

We are getting all of our annual medical things scheduled and checked off the list. Oops, still need to get the little doggies teeth cleaning done. Note to self–schedule this tomorrow.

We called Patty at GGS today to let her know we were on target for our mid-December report-for-duty time. She confirmed that we are good and just to call and let her know the final date. Will do!

Debbie will love this–I got me an BB CO2 gun to give me peace of mind at night. Of course I’m reading Nora Roberts, The Circle Trilogy right now. Will the BB gun kill the vampires that lurk in the shadows during the day and come out at night??? May not be the best choice of reading material just before starting a night job… OUTDOORS… in the middle of nowhere!!!

I better get busy whittling a wooden stake and picking out a silver cross–just kidding 😀



2 thoughts on “We’re on-target & enjoying life along the way!

    • Oh yes, I have silver BBs 😀 I’ve also put all kinds of dry foods (beans, pancake mix, pizza crust mix, oat bran, etc.) into containers. No cardboard boxes or plastic bags of food laying around in the cupboards, also no cereals or chips sitting on the shelves in their bags/boxes. I have all manner of containers and all contain foods. I like it too. It’s a lot neater. Hopefully it will help keep critters from wanting in to munch on our stuff! Bob has been busy filling holes with caulk & steel wool. We are in the country right now and not having any problems so hopefully that’s a good sign. Keeping fingers crossed that you can get your situation under control soon! 🙂

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