Had your “Booty” checked lately?

I’ll try to keep this one brief. It’s not the most interesting subject matter, but one I feel must be mentioned.

Since the first part of October, I’ve been posting about how we are getting ready for our new life as Gate Guards. In previous posts I’ve mentioned how we are getting things done like RV maintenance, doggie check-ups & teeth cleaning, and tuning up our bodies.

Well let me tell you, we are both glad this week is over. Being over 50 means you need to have some not-so-pleasant exams done every few years or so. This is our year to get our big “C” exam again… or as our gastroenterologist called it, a booty check. I think you get the drift here… So here we are in Texas, the doc has his cowboy boots on under his scrubs (no lie :D) and proceeds to tell me what he’s going to do to my “booty.”

I almost rolled out of the bed with laughter. Good tension breaker though!

Seriously, after witnessing two uncles (blood relatives) deal with, and thankfully survive, colon cancer, I began to get my exams done starting at age 49. I also have acid reflux so I get it from both ends. Bob only gets his booty checked (he’ll kill me when he see this–LOL).

We had a new doc this year. The one we had the last couple of times died this year… from colon cancer?*&%$#>>> What??? I was in shock over that one. There is something just plain wrong with a gastro doc dying of colon cancer!!!

Anyway, the new guy was wonderful. And we both had great check ups and don’t have to repeat this glorious event (I say this with tongue-in-cheek) for another 5 years! Hallelujah!

So for everyone who reads this post, please get your booty checked if you have not done so in the last 5 years and you are over 50. Colon cancer is such a preventable disease. The prep is not fun, but you get some good drugs and sleep through the exam. In all, isn’t it worth a couple of days of your life every 5 years or so to prevent this deadly disease?

Get ‘er done!



Taking care of business before reporting for duty as Gate Guards…

We’ve been doing the dentist thing and I needed to replace a crown. The old one broke and I could store a whole meal in the space between those two teeth! Time for a new one. Did I ever say I fear the dentist? I have a HUGE fear of dentists. And we now have a very gentle and likeable fellow in Mexia, Texas. Dr. Tom Fox. He called in a Valium for me to take before I arrived (yes, Bob did the driving so I could enjoy floating on a cloud). Then when we got there he gave me that wonderful gas! Then he gave me two shots to numb my mouth so he could get the old crown out. I don’t recall the shots very well. Gotta love those good drugs!!!

Then he put the temporary crown on and I’ve promptly lost it twice so far. I sure hope my permanent one gets here soon. Right now I don’t do anything (like eating) on that tooth… Nothing!

As we are preparing for our new lifestyle, I got myself a pair of new boots… Ariat Fat Babies. We went to Rusty’s western store in Mexia and the lady who waited on me works on her ranch. She said I needed a boot that would take the punishment of Mesquite tree thorns and still protect my feet. These boots have a thick composition sole and will do the trick for sure. They will be good in the rain also (within reason). I love them–they are so comfortable! And they are cute, although I’m sure the caleche will take care of that. I bought mink oil to rub in and protect them a much as possible.

I now have all food in containers. Crackers, cereals, chips, flour, sugar, flax-seed, corn starch, corn meal, bread, bagels, pizza crust mix… you name it and it’s in a container! No mice fodder here!!!

Yesterday we went to the dermatologist for our annual sneek-a-peek and we’re good to go. Since the doc is located in Corsicana, I could not resist going to the Colllin Street Bakery. This place serves sandwiches, soups and sweets. And if you’re not from these parts, they are world-famous, yes WORLD FAMOUS, for their fruit cakes. Before I experienced a Collin Street Bakery fruit cake I used fruit cakes for door stops.

No longer! CSB has now rebranded them as native Texas pecan cakes and they are sinfully delicious. I bought the 4-tin sample pack for my 97-year-old mother-in-law. Since she lives in a nursing home, I’ll take her one at a time. Otherwise she forgets she has them and they grow fuzz in a drawer. She loves all fruit cakes!

The only one I’ll eat is the apple cinnamon pecan cake. It reminds me of a cake my mother used to make when I was a kid… Nobby Apple Cake. It was so good and moist. This fruit cake, excuse me–native Texas pecan cake–reminds me of this delicacy.

I’ll cut it up into small morsels and put it in the freezer so I can take a snack out when I want one. If I don’t do that, I’ll eat the entire thing in a week or less and that would not be good for my waistline!

While we were in Corsicana, we stopped at Gander Mountain. I found the perfect gloves for this winter. They are Manzella brand and made with thinsulate. They are so comfortable and waterproof! I figure that will be important this winter. They are not real bulky either.

Bob is busy getting “honey-do” jobs done on the rig. We found replacement shower doors for our “orphan” rig so had them shipped so we could replace the current ones. They are made in Italy and the roller balls at the bottom are all in bad shape. To order the parts cost as much as a whole new door assembly so duh–we bought the whole enchilada. Now if a door glass breaks (God forbid) we’ll have a replacement part in storage. This is important since there are only a finite number of these things left on the market. Being from Italy, none of it was cheap!

We’re doing okay in the pest department. No mice, scorpions, spiders or anything else, just a few gnats.

Been spending some wonderful time with our three granddaughters (& my daughter) in Teague. I will miss them dearly when we go to our gate. They have drilling rigs all around us in this area, but no gate guards. Wish is could find a gate close by the kids!

Tomorrow we go to Denton, Texas, our old home town, to see doctors for annual physicals, mammogram, & stuff like that.

Last stop in Corsicana was to a Wine store. Last spring, while working on the guest guide for the Lake Palestine Resort in Frankston, Texas & on Lake Palestine, Larry Paxton, owner, turned me on to Japanese Plum Wine. I love wine and sweet wine is my favorite.

If you’ve never tried Japanese Plum Wine and you like sweet wine, this is the primo of all sweet wines. I found some by Kikkoman (the soy sauce people) while we were in Moab, Utah last month. I bought several bottles. My daughter Julia is not really a wine drinker, but she tried this and loved it.

So here I was back in Texas and I’m in a dry county. So no beer, wine or nothin! While we were in Corsicana we stopped in one liquor store and they did not have Japanese Plum Wine. But they told us to go to Alma Wine Store. Lo and behold–they had five different brands. So I bought Kikkoman, Takara, and and two others. I found an empty spot in the rear closet in the rig and put them there for safe keeping. I’m truly a happy camper now 😀

Till next time…