Had your “Booty” checked lately?

I’ll try to keep this one brief. It’s not the most interesting subject matter, but one I feel must be mentioned.

Since the first part of October, I’ve been posting about how we are getting ready for our new life as Gate Guards. In previous posts I’ve mentioned how we are getting things done like RV maintenance, doggie check-ups & teeth cleaning, and tuning up our bodies.

Well let me tell you, we are both glad this week is over. Being over 50 means you need to have some not-so-pleasant exams done every few years or so. This is our year to get our big “C” exam again… or as our gastroenterologist called it, a booty check. I think you get the drift here… So here we are in Texas, the doc has his cowboy boots on under his scrubs (no lie :D) and proceeds to tell me what he’s going to do to my “booty.”

I almost rolled out of the bed with laughter. Good tension breaker though!

Seriously, after witnessing two uncles (blood relatives) deal with, and thankfully survive, colon cancer, I began to get my exams done starting at age 49. I also have acid reflux so I get it from both ends. Bob only gets his booty checked (he’ll kill me when he see this–LOL).

We had a new doc this year. The one we had the last couple of times died this year… from colon cancer?*&%$#>>> What??? I was in shock over that one. There is something just plain wrong with a gastro doc dying of colon cancer!!!

Anyway, the new guy was wonderful. And we both had great check ups and don’t have to repeat this glorious event (I say this with tongue-in-cheek) for another 5 years! Hallelujah!

So for everyone who reads this post, please get your booty checked if you have not done so in the last 5 years and you are over 50. Colon cancer is such a preventable disease. The prep is not fun, but you get some good drugs and sleep through the exam. In all, isn’t it worth a couple of days of your life every 5 years or so to prevent this deadly disease?

Get ‘er done!



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