12 Days & Counting Down…

I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Been gobbling up grandchildren time and getting everything ready for our new gate-guarding lifestyle soon.

We report for duty at the Whitsett, Texas yard on December 19th to be exact… 12-days and counting down.

Bob got his security license and mine is still in the works and Patty said this is not a problem.

I now have a pair a Ariat Fat-Baby boots for working in and Ranch-Baby boots for my “go-to-town” boots. All kidding aside, I’m loving this whole outfitting thing. Bob is too. We both got new, warm jackets for the winter days and nights plus black vinyl dusters for those soaking Texas rains. It can sure come down hard here in the Lone Star State. I wonder if Debbie has gotten soaked in a Texas downpour yet?

We’ve had such a drought here for the last year that we did not know if we had any leaks in our rig or not. We bought it last year in October. Well, one of the four slides leaks a bit when it rains. We’ll get that fixed one of these days. It’s not bad.

We also went to the Tractor Supply (it has now become one of our favorite stores–who knew!!!) black Friday sale and picked up our all-weather rain boots for when we get over ankle-deep in caleche. 🙂

Look for me to post more frequently once we get into our new lifestyle. I’m sure there will be lots to write about.

Till next time…



One thought on “12 Days & Counting Down…

  1. You will establish your routine as you get to working. Actually, we have found that when a vehicle pulls up outside, you don’t have time to put on boots, ect. We found that a good pair of slip-on backless shoes such as Crocs work better for us. You just leave them by the door and slip in them quickly and out the door before the vehicle decides to drive on.

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