I may die of “Old Age” before getting this post sent!

We left Teague, Texas Sunday morning and had a very nice trip to San Antonio where we spent our last night in an RV Park for a spell (the San Antonio KOA). You see, we headed out to Carrizo Springs and our new life as gate guards.

While in San Antonio, we wanted to go down to the Riverwalk and have dinner… our last fling before being tucked away in the south Texas outback! But, the week before Christmas… bad idea. Every parking lot was full. So we ended up driving all over and finally ate at Outback Steakhouse. I’m sure there was one closer to the KOA but the freeway system in San Antonio is not user friendly. I’ve lived in Houston & the Dallas area and they are much easier to get around in. San Antonio is a nightmare to drive in and the Riverwalk attraction downtown is a zoo! Next time we’ll take the city bus down from the campground!!!

I did get to shop at an HEB Central Market. What a treat to find grass-fed beef! As soon as we got the last grocery bag transferred from the car to the rig, it started to rain. We did not know what a mess would be until tomorrow…

Monday morning we got on the road by 10 am in the chilly rain. What a surprise when we left I-35 to head into the outback country. We could now see what our new surroundings would look like in the worst possible scenerio–wet caleche filled roads. And I’m talking about the highway!

The Eagle Ford Shale in south Texas is experiencing a drilling boom. There are wells being drilled all over the place and gate guards standing sentry to the ranch entrances (and many other places I’m sure!).

Fortunately, as we pulled into the GGS yard in Carrizo Springs, the rain was just ending. Unfortunately, we had a shock coming when we got out of the rig and went to start unhooking the car. We were now the proud owners of a grayish-brownish mudball. Gone was the silver Saturn Vue we were dragging behind when we left San Antonio. And the rig didn’t look much better. And this caleche stuff is like concrete. You are so right about that Debbie 😀

About 30-minutes later Roger (our GGS contact/boss) came to greet us and show us where to hook up. He told us about an opening coming up in about a week and it sounded interesting to us. His wife is also a gate guard nearby and needed someone to fill in for her at her gate about 10 miles away so she could go see her kids for Christmas. We said we’d talk it over.

Then he said a new gate just opened up over by Cotulla and would we like to go see it and see if our rig would fit at that gate? He gave us his county map and off we went to go check it out.

Let me just say a word about the “side” roads here… they are mostly dirt. When it rains they are MUD!!! Fortunately this stuff dries out fast or we would not have been able to go see this gate. It looked like a good job and Roger said we’d only need to be here just until our other gate opened up (translation: as soon as they grade the road and our predicessors can get out and we can get our caleche soaked Silver Bullet in).

Formerly named the Silver Bullet covered in caleche!







You can't see out the windows at all!

Later Roger called us back and said he found someone else to take that gate since we were going to a different one in a week. That would save us crawling about 8-10 miles on that dirt road. Did we just want to wait?

So we said yes. Actually we were looking forward to a week of just relaxing before going to our gate. But, when we saw Roger later, he asked if we decided to fill in for his wife at her gate for four days.

Now Roger is a real nice fellow and we certainly understand wanting to see your children at Christmas… so we said we’d be happy to fill in for her. It’s not a real busy gate and we can take the doggies with us so it’s all good.

Tonight we gained new neighbors. They just joined GGS (coming from another company). They are very nice people from New Hampshire. Yes, they are “winter Texans.”

I don’t imagine they will be here at the yard for long. New gates are always opening up around here. This place is a booming drilling area for sure!

I’ll give you more details about where we will be going later. It sounds like a good gate, of course, we don’t have much experience by which to judge that yet.

As for the next four days, the reason we need to stay at the other guard’s trailer is because our rig will not fit at her gate. And it is one of those with huge ruts from all of this rain. Since it is only 10 miles away (and her refrigerator is not working well) we’ll sleep there and I’ll go back & forth to fix meals and take them to Bob. It’s only for four days! We’ll also take turns coming home to shower. No place like your own shower.

The Internet is so slow here at the gate that I fear I may grow OLD before I get this thing posted. I may not be able to do much posting while we’re filling in at Billie’s gate. She doesn’t have a wilson amp… so I may be quiet for a few days… unless I use my cell phone. If so, they’ll be short posts for sure!

So I guess I better hit send on this puppy so it can get done before we turn in for the night. We are going to look into satellite Internet costs. This is ridiculous!!!

Till next time,



5 thoughts on “I may die of “Old Age” before getting this post sent!

  1. Very cool news! We are in KY just finished with Amazon and are heading South in 36 hours. We will be in Christie going through all the steps hopefully Monday (if they decide to be closed for the holidays it will be Tuesday). Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the first 48 hours of gate guarding at the new gate. We should probably do a blog too, seems like we all comment across the same blogs as it is.

    • Blogging is a cool way to get to know people who all have something in common, in this case it’s working as gate guards. I’ve met some great people before we even got here. Many shared valuable tips & information with us and we truly appreciate everyones input.

      We will try to pass our experiences along and help others along the way. It’s an isolated job in the sense that we are stuck in one location and it’s hard to get away. So blogging with each other is a form of visiting. We look forward to hearing about your trip down and your new adventure. Thanks for following my blog!


  2. Well HI! guys! You made it! Hurray! And now, welcome to the weird world of gate guarding, caliche and zip internet! So nice of you to sub for Billie. Good way to learn the ropes – sounds like you’ll have your own gate really soon. It’s storming like crazy here right now. Hope you haven’t slipped away!

    • Yes, I feel like I’ve entered the gate guarding twilight zone. This is a world and way of life all by itself. Sorry to hear you had storms last night. We got a little rain but dodged the bad storms thankfully. Carrizo Springs is a very busy area.
      Merry Christmas to you & Heidi & Henry!


  3. Welcome! Our Internet has been horrible again for the last week, our amp doesn’t seem to be doing much to help. Good Luck on getting your own gate soon. 🙂

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