Playing in the mud-puddles at Walk-A-Jam Ranch…

We are into day two subbing for Billie so she can go Christmas shopping and spend the holidays with her children. We are staying in her trailer since our rig would not fit here AND it is so-o-o-o-o muddy right now she would not be able to get out and we could not get in. We have to park our car outside the gate.

Our first gate customer arrived at 6:36 this morning. It was the roller for leveling and packing the roads starting Monday so the caleche trucks can put down their loads and repair these roads. They are a mess with all the rain they’ve been getting down here. But no one is complaining because of the record drought they had over the summer!

We are not likely to have anyone else try to come in because it is Christmas and because the roads are a total mess. They’d take one look at deep, water-filled ruts and say fagetaboutit! We told Billie that the roller arrived and that they are going to repair the roads on Monday. She said she will probably have 15 pages of caleche trucks to login on Monday!

We are so grateful we bought the “mud” boots at Tractor Supply. We’ve needed them just to get to our car and back. Walk-A-Jam ranch roads could be called Wade-A-Jam right now and we are predicted to get more rain tomorrow (possibly tonight too).

Our Chihuahua fur kids Capt. Jack & Jesse James

Capt. Jack & Jesse are trying to figure out the new casa. Jack is really finding it hard to adjust!

Thank goodness Billie didn’t mind us bringing our doggies to her trailer. We would not have been able to sub for her otherwise. They are great companions! They really love all of the new smells here on the ranch. 😀

Bob will be back soon with dinner… Subway! I don’t have to cook tonight!!!

Till next time,



2 thoughts on “Playing in the mud-puddles at Walk-A-Jam Ranch…

  1. Oh how I hate mud – but like you – can only be grateful for the state of Texas! I’m happy you’ll be missing all those trucks on Monday! Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh yes… this rain is wonderful for the state of Texas, but it sucks for us who have to slosh around in it. Thankfully this gate is pretty dead over the holiday weekend!!!

    I just went over to the Carrizo yard to pick up some things from our rig and to cook a few things and almost didn’t make it out. We are parked on the hill slop and my little Saturn kept wanting to go up sideways. I made it though. The way we figure it, we have officially been initiated into the gate guard lifestyle. This mud is pathetic!!!

    I do love my mud boots. Capt. Jack & Jesse James are not impressed with the mud at all. I wonder if they make little mud boots for doggies???

    Keep your heads above water!

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