Ok… enough already!

Texas has needed rain desperately. This we know… but do we need to bust the drought all in one week–our first week as gate guards???

We have thoroughly been initiated. It started raining last night and has not quit all day. I left Walk-A-Jam ranch today to go to the yard and pick up some food and other items at our rig. I was there for several hours and when I headed back out I almost didn’t make it. My poor little car was having a problem getting traction and staying straight. I finally made it out… barely.

Back at the ranch we are ankle deep in mud. Monday they will start redoing the roads here. Billie will be back on duty Monday at noon. She will be very busy logging in caleche trucks and is it ever needed!

Forget about clean cars and a clean rig. It doesn’t exist in the South Texas outback!

We are very much looking forward to getting our routine established at our own gate next week. Right now we’ll just hunker down, stay out of the mud and enjoy Christmas together.

Till next time,



4 thoughts on “Ok… enough already!

  1. So sorry guys – such a mess! It’s still raining here, too. We’re fortunate (I guess, unless there’s another thunderstorm đŸ˜€ ) to be on ‘Lightening Hill” so at least some of it runs off!
    Merry Christmas to you both!

  2. Last winter was dry all winter. From what I hear, this winter is going to be rain and mud. Seems like we go from one extreme to the other!

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