We’re figuring this out as we go…

While working Billie’s gate in this rainy weather, we realized we need a shelter. Billie has a pop-up gazebo with a table and chairs underneath–I can see this being nice for busy gates in the rain (and we’re going to a busy gate and I’m sure it will rain again). Now for the challenge… where to get it and when to find the time to get it.

I’ve lived in Katy/Houston and Denton/Dallas for over 30 years. I’m used to just hoping in the car and getting whatever I want whenever I want with super Walmarts, Lowe’s, Home Depot stores and many others just around the corner. I’m used to having everything at my fingertips.

Not here!!!

Tuesday we went to the local Walmart located in Carrizo Springs. I couldn’t believe it… they did not have a grocery department. I don’t remember the last time I was in a plain, basic Walmart with no food department. Wow!

So I guess to expect them to carry a heavy-duty gazebo would not be very realistic. While searching for a good gazebo on Google, we saw several being offered by Walmart’s Site-to-Store. I’ve used this before. Last year I needed three Unicorn pillow pets for our granddaughters. All local Walmart stores were sold out. S-o-o-o-o, I ordered online and used Site-to-Store. It was wonderful and Christmas was saved!

I just ordered a Quickshade 10’x10′ gazebo, with rope lights to string inside it, on Walmart online and it will be delivered free to the Carrizo Springs Walmart via Site-to-Store.

Now we need to trade in our little Saturn Vue and get a 4WD vehicle. I wonder if we can do that via Site-to-Store???

Just kidding! 😀

Till next time,



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