Let the games begin!

All set up at our first gate

We’ve now been at our first gate for a week & 1/2. I will get some daytime pictures tomorrow hopefully. Bob is putting up our satellite dish here. Can’t wait till we can get a roof mounted unit. We have the original King Dome on top of the Silver Bullet, but it’s 2004 technology and if we use it we can’t get HD or use our DVR… that’s not an option. We’re saving up for the roof-mounted dish!

Murphy is the oil company we’re working for and they are wonderful. Our first night here they brought a generator powered light tower. Since we have a 75′ walk from our front door to the gate, the extra light is very much appreciated!
What a great gift while we are here in the middle of nowhere!

They also let us take our trash to their trash trailer and give us 5-gallon water jugs when we need them. Truly great guys to work for.

We met our ranch owner our first day here and he was very nice also. Gave us his cell phone number and told us if we need anything, call him 24/7… We’re off to a great start.
We are guarding the gate for two wells at this location. Both have been drilled, now the fracing begins. Thankfully, we’ve had the last week and 1/2 to get ourselves acclimated to working and sleeping in different shifts. We are both liking this new adventure. It was indeed time for a change!
Last night was the quiet before the storm. At 7:15 am today my first fracing truck arrived and when I looked up from my clipboard I had a line up of rigs as far back as I could see. Every time I looked up to see if I could see an end, it kept getting longer and longer and longer. I had a good system going so I could process them quickly. At times I’d hear an airhorn go off. I asked a couple of drivers why they were honking. They grinned and said, “They are messing with you.” I asked a couple of drivers if they had a hole in the fence somewhere and were going out and getting back in line… it was absolutely endless!!! They liked that one 😀
We are having fun meeting all of these really nice people. We joke, we laugh, and they do like to mess with me. I’ve had three of them now, all with complex Mexican names give me their first name & last name, then they rattle off a string of names as their “last name.” Then they split a gut laughing. I’m on to it now!
We have our CB radio turned on so we hear what the guys are saying when they are approaching the gate. Remember, we are about 8.5 miles from the main gate and there are many gates off to the side on the way to ours. One trucker tonight told us he was instructed to go until he got to the big bus. I heard another one say on his radio, “Yeah… they said to just keep going till you see the big Winnebago.” Our bus is a Travel Supreme, not a Winnebago, but they must use that term for motorhomes like they use Coke for soda here in Texas. Add that to your list Debbie 😀
Fracing on well #1 is due to start next week, and then on well #2 after #1 is done. This job was originally a 3-5 day job. Looks like it will be 4-6 more weeks at this point. Where did the first estimate come from??? After this job is finished, we will need to go get a few maintenance items taken care of and a warranty repair on our dishwasher. When we started up the GGS generator, I think it blew my circuit board (from now on we’ll throw the breaker for the dishwasher before we start the generator). We really miss it too! At least the washer/dryer is working. I’d hate to travel that service road every week to go do laundry!
It’s a good gate and we are grateful to have it as our first job. Postings may get slow over the next few weeks since the company man says we will be very busy with round-the-clock traffic during the fracing process.
Hope everyone else is having a good time at their gates. It’s not a bad way to add extra $$$ to the pocketbook!
Till next time,

6 thoughts on “Let the games begin!

  1. It’s about time they put you two to work! 😉
    So we’re all Winnebagos. Interesting. I don’t know if I’d want to know what they say about me. 😀
    I’m so glad you’re enjoying your new adventure. You weren’t kidding about the lights! Wow! Those are so bright you can probably see me standing outside waving if you look NE! 😀
    Take care and have some fun!

  2. We’re finally getting ready for fracing this week too…we’ve been sitting here doing basically nothing but letting hunters in & out for the last couple months. Yesterday a convoy of 19 trucks arrived to lay water lines. I think the actual Frac Crew is due to arrive the end of this week. We’re anxious to see what the fracing process is all about.

    Enjoy! 🙂

    • Our hunters must have different entrances. The only people we’ve been letting in are related to production. I posted a couple websites Bob found so I could better understand the process. It was very interesting! I hope you find them so too!
      Hang on… we’re getting busy!!!

  3. Would you like to share your “good system”? We are heading out to Texas to start working for GGS at the end of the month and could use a good system. Any chance you could explain “fracing” to us uninitiated? I’ve been reading several gate guarding blogs and everyone talks of fracing and I have no idea what that is. Thanks for your blog; it helps to get ready for this type of work.


    • I’m not sure what the “good system” is that you are asking about. I work nights and Bob works days. To learn more about the drilling and fracing go to my post on January 8th, From the wellhead to the burner… the process… I have two very informative links in that post. It’s great information!

      Good luck to you. When are you due to start and where are you reporting to? Where are you from? Will you be here just for the winter or longer than that?


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