Being a night owl has it’s advantages…

Our gate at sunset.

Looks like we will get busy again tomorrow. Since they encountered a problem at Well 1 a week ago, we’ve been waiting for the “fix-it” team to come and get things going again. We’d heard it would be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before the fix-it team would get here. It’s looking more like a few weeks at this point.

Our pad at Nye Ranch

I had wondered why they didn’t just move over to Well 2 and get it going while they were waiting for the other one to get fixed. Today we were told that is exactly what they are going to do. So around noon, what Bob calls the Johnson Trailers, came rolling in. This time they headed for Well 2. I’m not at all sure why Bob calls them Johnson Trailers… he was in the oil/gas industry (as an accountant) while he lived in Oklahoma years ago. These are the tanks the big trucks haul behind them and they slant downwards from front to back while they are in transit. I’ll have to ask him about the Johnson thing??? I’ll keep you posted…

Our new gazebo

Rope lights in the gazebo

Twin Gates at Sunrise... the couple attending the gate next to us are Bob & Joyce. They have a travel trailer and work for LOMA. Their gate is for one well, a new drilling site.

For the last 5 nights I’ve really been able to relax and enjoy myself. Working at night does have its advantages. I’ve been able to start getting caught up on reading (still have a long ways to go). I have a card table out and a jigsaw puzzle beconing to me at this moment and I’ve updated my computer, Nook, and iPhone. And been able to surf the net for yeast free recipes since I’m on a yeast-free eating program for two more months. I don’t think I’ve cooked this much in the last five years. One reason is so I can cook for the eating program, and the other is because we can’t just “go to town for a bite to eat” on a whim. That would involve one of us (because one of us has to be tending the gate) traveling the 8-mile road from hell and it’s just not worth it!

It’s not all bad though. By doing my own cooking (and exercising portion control) I’ve lost 4 inches around my waist. I no longer need to change out of my jeans to my comfy pants… my jeans ARE my comfy pants. How cool is that! Also, I’m not having as much access to the stores and junk foods, Bob (who was formerly a carb-a-holic) has really reformed his eating habits and is losing weight also. He’s going to look downright skinny if he doesn’t slow down.

Why does it seem so much easier for men to just drop weight… and quickly at that!?#@%!

With nights being slower than days (as a rule), it does have its advantages. I wonder if that’s why so many women work nights? Seems like it’s becoming a trend in the gate guarding world…

As I was doing all of the updating (downloading files) on my electronic toys, I noticed one thing… on most nights my download speed slows to a crawl during the wee hours of the morning. Do you think they power down the cell towers during off-peak hours? Just sayin…

I also must confess, I’ve been playing Words with Friends on my Nook. Two nights ago I bought it, cheap entertainment for $2.99. Fun thing is you can play with an imaginary friend and have a full-blown game going with Me and Myself. Wonder if I can add I to the game? If anyone out there plays Words with Friends, let me know. I have it on my Nook and would love to play a game with others, just need to know how to go about all that. Never been an online gamer before.

Time to go get a yeast-free, sugar-free peanut butter cookie and almond milk snack. I know, sounds disgusting, but they are actually very good. And addicting! It truly satisfies my sweet tooth while helping me lose more inches. Can’t beat that. And no, I don’t use Splenda or anything like that. I use natural sweeteners that are actually good for you.

So, bon-appetit! Till next time…



6 thoughts on “Being a night owl has it’s advantages…

  1. Vicky-What’s with the gazebo? Won”t your awniing suffice and be easier to put up when wind comes up? Just curious. Looks neat though.

    • We have a Gerard electric awning. It is very long and if there is any wind at all it is not stable. It is supposed to bring itself back in if the wind is too strong, but in our travels we have seen this system fail. So it is not worth the hassle. It also says not to use in the rain. Go figure??? What’s an awning for anyway…
      Also, since we have such a long walk to get to the gate, if it is busy and raining or sunny, we can take shelter under here. Billie had one in front of her rig (we were subbing for her over Christmas) and we liked it so that’s why we got one.


  2. The “Johnson tanks” are called Frac tanks out here. Don’t know why. They are used for several things. Our rig always has three on site.

  3. We also have a gazebo to use in the hot sunny weather. We have found that the slanted leg gazebos are more stable with the wind.
    We are enjoying sitting in the sun now that the weather is not so hot, so the gazebo has been taken down until early summer.

    • We wanted it also because when and if it rains again, we have such a long ways to go to our gate from our front door, if the gate is busy we can sit out there and out of the rain without tracking in the rig constantly.

      Bob has it anchored down real well.


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