Getting ready for prime time…

Our R&R at the ranch is coming to an end. The second well is gearing up to start fracing and the fishing team arrived today to get the first well back up and ready to frac. A new wrinkle-dinkle… the fishing guys want to be notified when someone is headed down their way. I figure it is probably a safety issue. They left us a radio to use. It’s out on the table under the gazebo so it’s near the gate and handy.

I figure we will easily be here another three weeks (possibly more). It all depends on how smoothly everything goes from here on out. You never know in this business.

Since we have traffic in & out I’m living dangerously… cooking up a soup bone and chicken breasts for homemade soup. When I went outside to tend the gate, it smelled even stronger outside than inside. O–k–a–y… let’s hope I haven’t just rung the dinner bell for the coyotes!

They howled indignantly night before last when some frac tanks went down the road near what must be a den. It’s across the fence (thank goodness) and just a little ways away. I don’t think they liked the intrution. But, they have been pretty silent since then. Hopefully they went to their vacation home… far, far away!

I’ve seen posts about the Cotulla post office being very easy to deal with. I’ll be going to the post office Friday to go get our mail package from my daughter. She gets all of our mail and packs it all in a “if it fits it ships” priority box and sends it to us upon request. Since I can’t find anything I’m used to buying in the stores around here (remember, I’m used to big city stores), I order online and have it sent to her house. She then ships it to me. Sounds expensive, but actually it’s cheaper than trying to get the companies to send stuff via USPS. They all use UPS or FedEx. And of course, general deliver addresses are not good for those delivery companies.

Perhaps the post office would not be going broke if they’d make shipping to remote locations a bit more friendly… just sayin…

This will be my first time, since we arrived here three weeks ago, to get out and go to the store. I hope the Super S Food Store in Cotulla has more to offer than the HEB in Carrizo Springs. But I’m not getting my hopes up. I may have to make a trip to Laredo next week!

Bob is going to take a look at the dishwasher tomorrow to see if a connection just worked loose on the way out here or if a circuit board went out. It acts like a loose connection, sometimes it works right and then it will give a trouble code. Hopefully he can get it working again. We sure do miss it. It is still in warranty, but that doesn’t do much good out here!

Looks like I have a line of trucks coming in…

Till next time,



8 thoughts on “Getting ready for prime time…

  1. Hi Vicky! I go to the HEB in Pearsall. In fact I’m going up there tomorrow. It’s not as big as one in San Antonio or Laredo, but is bigger and newer than the one in Carrizo Springs. Sounds like a good plan you have for packages. We do the same with my daughter for some things. If we need something more quickly the Ace Hardware store across from the PO will accept packages from FedEx and UPS. They are also very friendly and helpful.

    • No kidding? The Ace Hardware will accept packages? Cool. I’ll go in and see about that tomorrow. Where do you work out here? I wonder if we are on the same general area? We are off I-35 near Artesia Wells, then about 9.2 miles into the outback on a hunting ranch. I’m getting the idea I need to go shopping in Pearsall. Does the Walmart there have groceries?

  2. Just FYI, I ordered from Ebay to our PO box at Cotulla. The package was shipped UPS from the shipper and was transfered by UPS to USPS at a distrubution center here in Texas to continue through them to our Cotulla P.O. box. Ask the gentleman at the Cotulla PO and he should be able to tell you how it works.
    We too are getting ready for the fracking crew to arrive day after tomorrow. Gonna be a busy week! 🙂

    • We are just using General Delivery for right now. When we were at the yard in Carrizo Springs we looked into getting a PO box and they were sold out with a waiting list. Now we are working 70 miles from there so we are just doing GD for now. But I will see if Ace Hardware will accept a package or two for us. That would be GREAT!
      Yes, fracing does get busy… especially when you have two and they don’t pay you extra for two fracing rigs, just two drilling rigs. Go figure???

  3. We Also go to Pearsall HEB and WalMart as we found that the Super S in Cotulla is way proud of all there stuff. When we first got here we made a stop there and a jar of coffee mate that cost $2 and change at Wal Mart was $6.35 there.

  4. Sounds like you have a good mail plan going. If you do ever need anything sent directly to you, we’ve given the actual address that the rig uses and UPS had delivered right to our door on more than one occasion. 😀

    • I tried that when we first got here and was told by many people that there is no address out here. But, the Ace Hardware will work out okay. Thanks for the info though… perhaps another job will give that ability. Would be nice since I do a lot of mail order! I love Amazon & Vitamin Shoppe 😀

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