From chaos to church-mouse quiet…

Granddaughter Lily with a cold, working her pacifier on one side of her mouth while trying to breathe out of the other side. She is a determined child! Poor little girl 😦

All of a sudden it is quiet as a church around here. Where did everybody go?

One of our wells has just finished the fracing process and from what I hear it was a success. Yeah! Traffic has been steady and heavy during the fracing process. It does start to run like a well oiled machine though, when things go like they are supposed to go. They had a few hiccups on this job, but nothing that prevented the job from being completed.

That said, they are still fishing in the other well trying to get it ready to frac. Not real sure what the status is yet for that location. Hopefully it will be ready soon!

Fishing in the oil/gas field honey hole...

Meanwhile we’ve gone from chaos to quiet real fast. Being the weekend may have something to do with it too.

Dust devil forming right in front of me on the road to the ranch.

Bob getting ready to shut the gate after truck leaves.

Bob opening the gate for me as I come back from town

I know I’ve complained about how rough our road is, the truckers agree whole-heartedly. Over the last two days they’ve been grading the 9.2 mile road getting here and I’m not sure that’s a blessing. Sure, I was able to make the trip to I-35 on the way to town today in only 35 minutes instead of 55 , but the dust is now flying everywhere.

Tonight the winds have really kicked up and gusts of caliche dust are swirling everywhere. Thank goodness traffic is light tonight!

Last night I enjoyed a quiet evening working on a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Hopefully, I’ll finish it over the weekend.

Working on a Thomas Kincaid puzzle

We hope it does remain this quiet for a few days anyway. The break is nice for a change. Just talked to one of the workers and looks like things are improving on the “fishing” well. Maybe next week they can get it into the fracing stage…

Till next time,



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