There’s an app for that…

Watch out world… Lily is trying to make her escape! I used to dub my son James, Dennis the Menace. And for good reason, we could not take our eyes off of him for a second or he’d be up to something mischievous.

My daughter, Bobbi, is now raising a female version of “Dennis.” Her name is Lily. She is constantly thinking of what she can do next… she never stops!

Quick... Mommie is not looking so let me pull up this chair and see if I figure out how to get this door open and make my escape! Got it, but the chair is in the way...

Last week, they went to a Chinese restaurant to eat. The place was not crowded so when Lily finished eating, Mommie let her take her sippie cup and sit in the booth behind them. When Mom went to check on Lily, she was standing on top of the table with a bottle of soy sauce in one hand and pepper shaker in the other. She was having FUN!

Since Bob and I both have iPhones, one of our favorite sayings is, “There’s an app for that…” Well, when I got up for my shift today he was grinning from ear to ear. He was mighty proud of the app he found, especially since the crew had just used a term he did not know about.

So he went to the Apps icon and searched for Schlumberger. What he found was an app for their oilfield glossary. It is cool. And, it is FREE 😀

So now when you hear a term when you are at the gate, pull out your smart phone and look it up. There really is an app for that!

Till next time,



3 thoughts on “There’s an app for that…

    • Yes, no grass is going to grow under Lily’s feet! For sure!!!
      Hope you get your rig fixed quickly and a good job is done. I hate to go to get work done on the rig. But, it’s a necessary evil I suppose.


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