We’ll be here till the “Pigs” come home…

Wait a minute… I think that phrase is supposed to be “till the cows come home…” But in our case, it will be the pigs.

No, I’m not talking about Javalinas or wild boars. I’m talking about pigs that slink their way through pipelines. Pipeline Pigs.

How a pipe pig cleans the pipe.

Pipe Pigs come in many sizes.

Pipeline Pigs perform a very valuable service… they clean pipelines. In our case, they pressure tested the pipeline by filling it with water and pressuring it up. Since they don’t want water in the pipeline for corrosion purposes, they must use pigs to dry the pipe out on the inside.

In our small pipeline, they used water from two 80-barrel pump/vacuum trucks to do the pressure test. I wonder where all that water went when they emptied the pipe? Guess we’ll never know…

For our pipeline, they will bring in two pigs. Pig #1 will do the first drying job. Pig #2 will make sure the pipe is thoroughly dry and ready for the gas to flow through it.

Next, they will be bringing in heaters, separators, and dryers. And eventually… a tank battery to each well. We will be here for everything except the tank battery… we think. As most of you all know, as gate guards we don’t always know what is going on or how long we will be here until they come to the door and tell you–Time to go. Adios!

The CM’s best bet is 2-4 more weeks and then we will PROBABLY be gone. There is a silver lining to this being stuck out here in this remote brush country… we are not very busy now.

I have a question I’d like an answer to… it’s a frac question…

Why are some frac jobs insanely busy while others are not all that busy? I’d like to hear input on this.

Till next time,



4 thoughts on “We’ll be here till the “Pigs” come home…

  1. Not too sure, but I have noticed that some frac sites have sand and water onsite for fracing…others they have to haul it in. I could be wrong.

    • Thanks for your input. On our two well sites, we had a water well that was drilled for the fracing. That water well turned out to very busy as well. Plus, we had water pipes that had to be laid from well 1 to well 2 and also to the well on the property next door. That involved a lot of traffic. Sand was brought in via sand trucks which amounted to mega traffic. Also both wells had problems so that amounted to quite a bit of extra traffic.


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