Ever wish you could make time slow down?

I do! We left our first gate (which we worked for three months) on March 29th. We only intended to be gone for a month to six weeks. While we are talking about intentions… I also intended to write in my blog several times a week while we were off.

Here it is May 23rd and we will not be back to a gate until June 13th and this is my first post since we left. So much for intentions.

Being back with family plus catching up on things like dentists, doctors, and repairs can eat up time in a hurry. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

Corynn, Lily and Bobbi came over for a wiener roast and smores!

Bobbi, Lily, Katelyn and Capt. Jack are ready to roast them dogs!

This is what the RV lifestyle is all about! Great fire Bob 😀

Cooper’s Farms is located nearby in Fairfield. They produce wonderful peaches and pecans. With the wet spring this year these peaches are juicy and oh so sweet! Love ’em 🙂

This is a great way to be out in the boonies and still enjoy great ice-cream. Make your own!

One thing we enjoy both on the job and when we are in “civilization” is making our own ice cream. I make a batch for Bob with cows milk and cream. I make mine with coconut milk and coconut cream. YUM!!!

We’ve been busy watching our little Texas Tornado, Lily. She is an 18-month-old female version of Dennis the Menace… if you don’t pay enough attention to her. She can also be oh-so-snuggly. Her parents are getting ready to sell their home and move to the Houston area.

That’s me coming out the rig door, and Corynn (11) then from left to right, Katelyn (5), Aidree (5) and Bree (6). Lily was asleep.

One weekend we took Bobbi and her three girls (Corynn, Katelyn & Lily) with us to the Lake Conroe KOA. There Bobbi met up with her husband, Brandon who has been transferred to the Houston area in his work. We also spent time with son James and his two girls, Bree & Aidree. We all enjoyed the indoor pool during the days and spent our nights roasting hot dogs and making smores. Life is good!

We’ve also been busy getting ready for our move to the Houston area. Actually, it’s like moving back home for me since I lived in Katy for 16 years. We’ve been going through storage and getting rid of more stuff. Every year since 2008, when we went full-time, we have been paring down stuff. I always find it interesting what we thought we could not live without the year before. And I claim not to be a packrat!

Last week we moved Bob’s 98-year-old mother from the nursing home in Teague to a personal care home in Katy, Texas. We are so much happier with her level of care in the new place… and she is too. Dementia is taking a toll on her and it is good to see her calm and as pain-free as possible. That was not happening before. At least now she truly has as much dignity as possible in her life.

I remember watching the movie “Grumpy Old Men.” When someone they knew died in their sleep they would say, “Lucky dog.” After watching my grandmothers and now Bob’s mother, I agree. I don’t want to live beyond a good quality of life. My opinion of course…

On a different note, we have been tech junkies again. We bought a new ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime tf201 Android tablet. And yes, next month it will become obsolete as a new one will come out (this one just came out in January!). Geesh!!!

ASUS Transformer Tablet 201 attached to its keyboard/docking station. It can be used without this, much like an iPad.

The Transformer pad and keyboard docking station detached.

We were going to get an iPad, since we both love our iPhones. But, my wonderful researching partner (Bob) did his homework and found that this new up & coming tablet star has a lot more functionality than the iPad does. First, we can expand the storage capacity with a Micro SD card. We can also use a USB device on it to transfer things.

One of the cons has been that since the Android market is playing catch up with Apple, they are more limited on their apps, especially for the tablet market. But they are working feverishly to get up to speed in this department. Crack that whip!

My poor little Nook is feeling displaced lately!

Comparing it to my Nook Color, the tablet is a bit easier to use and the screen is bigger to read. I love the touch screen on both of these gizmos 😀

I’d love to find some players for Scrabble. Or, Words with Friends. Is anyone playing these on their phones or tablets?

So that’s what we’ve been up to. I’ll try to do better at keeping in touch in the future.

Till next time,