Now this qualifies as a bad day…

Things started early today. Rig 3 is moving 15 miles to their new drilling location. This poor guy went to Rig 47 instead of Rig 3 and realized it when he got to the top of their pad entrance. So he proceeded to back down but things went terribly wrong!

The only thing that prevented him from turning turtle was the 70′ trailer hooked on behind.

At least no one was hurt and no equipment mishaps occurred. It was fun watching the tow truck pulling him out. It took a while. The dirt off the side is so loose that he slid very easily.

All worked out okay!

Till next time…



2 thoughts on “Now this qualifies as a bad day…

    • I know… I was standing there talking to him (under my breath) saying STOP… STOP… Don’t keep going back… you are sliding. Honestly, if he had not had the trailer hooked up, or had the trailer been loaded, he would have flipped over. It was touch & go for a spell.

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