What do you do on a slow night?

I just love a slow night. One rig moved out Sunday and the other is tripping pipe so it was a pretty quiet night. So I cooked and had a great time.

Bob will drool when he gets up as he will be feasting today on Stuffed Peppers with red, yellow, and green peppers stuffed with grass-fed beef, mozzarella cheese and wild rice. Ran out of time to cook the brownies. Dang!

Grab your fork… stuff your napkin in your shirt and let’s eat!

All you cooks out there, care to share what your favorite dish is to prepare (or one of them)? Bon Appetit!

Till next time,



6 thoughts on “What do you do on a slow night?

  1. My mom used to make this when I was a kid. I didn’t care for them then and I am not sure that I would like them now but hey I’ll try anything once as an adult, bring them on!!
    Is David your service guy??

    • David was our service guy. As of Tuesday we started a new job with another company. It’s on a ranch and the ranch manager’s wife has her own company. It’s a start up and they have excellent equipment (brand new Onan generator) and they are simply wonderful people. We are still gate guards. We feel very blessed to have found this opportunity. We’re still in the Cotulla area. Good to hear from you. I’ll post about our new home/job/opportunity soon with pictures of our pad where we sit.

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