Womens & Mens Luncheon schedule update…

Last week I posted a poll for the location and for the date of the next Gate Guard Ladies Luncheon. Normally I think we usually meet on Wednesdays, but since that falls on July 4th this time (not sure that makes much of a difference out here in this job) I decided to give everyone an option.

The overwhelming majority voted they wanted to meet on July 3rd, Tuesday, 1:00pm at the Cotulla DQ.

Sounds good to me. I just love my Cappuccino Heath blizzard!

And since Susan and Bob Alton will be heading to San Antonio today because Bob landed a great job opportunity, looks like I’m heading up the guys luncheon plans… at least for now. My Bob does not blog so he can let me know what the plans are with his gender group and I’ll pass it along here. Right now, the next Mens Gate Guarding Luncheon will be on Wednesday, July 11th, 1:00pm at the Cotulla DQ.

I’ll also post plans in Andy & Miss K’s MyOldRV.com forum.

Have a great weekend! We will miss you Bob & Susan… Good luck in your new adventure!!!


P.S. If you want to be on a luncheon announcement list (for details of future luncheons) please use the form below to send it to me and put Mens List or Ladies List in the subject line.


4 thoughts on “Womens & Mens Luncheon schedule update…

  1. Hi Vicky and Bob, hope your new assignment is going good for you. Woody said he thought he would enjoy meeting the “guys” for lunch when he gets the all clear to return to a gate, hopefully this month. And I know I would enjoy the “ladies” luncheon. Will let some of the ladies in Pearsall know about the next one. We had a pot luck at the landowners home in May – before we had to leave for medical problems. How is Bob holding up in the heat. Mickey

    • Hi Mickey,
      Bob is holding up very well thank you. He’s staying hydrated and in the A/C as much as possible. He’s also wearing the neck ice bandana. Those things do help!

      There is a form on my last post. So if anyone wants to be on the mailing list for the lunches just send me the contact information and I’ll put them on the list.

      Our new gig is simply wonderful… a gate guard’s dream actually. Excellent people to work for and working conditions. Who could ask for more!

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