Gate Guard Lunch Updates…

Last Wednesday, July 11th, was the Guys Gate Guard Lunch at the DQ in Cotulla. Seems like these lunches are getting more popular. One guard drove 2 hours to attend… that’s great! It’s good to get outside of our homes/offices on wheels and meet with other people who are doing what we are doing. It’s an isolating existence. Getting out… relaxing… and sharing ideas with others is a good stress reliever. For all of us!

Bob, Dennis & Jerry

Tracy & Rich

The Ladies will meet again this Wednesday at 1:00pm, July 18th, at the DQ in Cotulla. For any new people who have not attended yet, the Dairy Queen is located near the intersection of I-35 (feeder road) and FM 468, just behind the Valero station.

The guys will meet again on July 25th, Wednesday at 1:00pm, at the DQ in Cotulla.

Till next time,



2 thoughts on “Gate Guard Lunch Updates…

  1. I’m glad this is going so well. Definitely a help to have a break (however small) from gate guarding.

    Thanks, again, for organizing these lunches.


    • Thank you Susan for getting the whole thing started. Yes, the break is good. So glad you are enjoying San Antonio. We’ll do the scrabble thing soon. We have a few things going on. Thanks!

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