Shifting to new directions…

As you can tell if you follow my blog, I’ve cleaned this place up in a major way. I just found out from a colleague that the GG companies want us to stop posting about the job, the companies we work with and the whole thing in general.

I find this to be a sad thing, since many of us got our start in this business by following what other people wrote about. The job description through other people’s eyes isย so important.

But, alas, we can no longer do what we once did… and for most of us we were passionate about it.

If you will visit my other blog, http://www.rving-tips.comย you can follow it if you wish. I need to update it since this blog has been taking up my time. I will see if I can transfer those blog entries into this blog since I really like the WordPress software. Whatever I decide to do, I will keep y’all posted ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve been amazed that I’ve had almost 15,000 visitors and numerous comments over the last 11 months. I’ve formed some very good friendships as a result of this blog. Some of these people I’ve still to meet in person, but I know them well just the same. And knowing them has made me a better person.

So please bare with me while I focus on a new direction for this blog.

Till next time,



10 thoughts on “Shifting to new directions…

  1. I will continue to follow also, I have had the pleasure to meet you and look forward till we meet up again. Stay safe and happy.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you Kathy! I will look forward to seeing you again (hopefully the lunches will continue). Enjoy your time off when it comes and see you when you get back!


  2. I am so sorry that the ‘companies’ don’t want you to post about GGing… It is something we are truly working towards getting into, and information gleened from different blogs is so usefull. Creative ways to stay in the loop may be in order ? humm mind starts buzzzing. e-mail maybe?

  3. It seems everyone wants to take the 1st Admendment out of our lives. Free Speech. Will try to get to see if I can follow your other blog. Couldn’t open it last night – but will try today.

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