Bob & I enjoyed breakfast one day at the Colonial Pancake & Waffle House in downtown Hot Springs.


This post was supposed to be more than a picture, and I just don’t know what happened the first time around.

My laptop computer hard drive crashed so I’m down to my iPad or iPhone right now.

As I write this..

We are enroute to San Antonio for the next few days to week. We are doing another round of upgrades to The Silver Bullet. After this week, no more old-fashioned tube TVs. Flat screens will replace them and storage behind them. I really need that!

Talked to LOMA and we will be hooking up with them as soon as we are finished at Iron Horse RV. If you need any repairs, painting, or upgrades made to your RV, we highly recommend this place. The owner, Daryl, owns a Monaco Dynasty himself so he is very in touch with RVers. He also knows of the special demands we place on our coaches out in the oil patch. They get you in & out and do the job right the first time!

They also have a guy who comes to their shop and washes (and waxes if you want) RVs. He’s reasonable and does a very good job. He will also do the roof for a little more $$$. We did it last time we came up from the oil patch and it sure was good to get all of that red sand removed from the coach exterior. And the roof was a MESS!

I’ll catch y’all up on our Arkansas trip when I get my new laptop… probably tomorrow.

Till then,



4 thoughts on “Bob & I enjoyed breakfast one day at the Colonial Pancake & Waffle House in downtown Hot Springs.

    • Hi Kathy,

      Man I don’t know what happened here. I was trying to upload some pictures & start a new post. I was trying to do all of this from my iPad. I have found that as great as the smart phone & tablets are, there are just some things you still need a computer for! Posting to my blog is one of those things.

      We will be in San Antonio next week & back to work in Cotulla by October 1.

      Needless to say I did not mean for that picture to post as a blog post or to post twice. I need to fix all of this & make a post later today… Hopefully 🙂

      When are you leaving for your time off?

  1. It’s been awhile since contacting you two. Sorry to hear about Bob’s Mom. Several members of our family have had dementia & it’s difficult losing them twice. We were happy that they could finally at rest. We had to leave the oilfield early due to an operation on husband Tom’s knee. We hope to be back in TX about mid Oct and really don’t Know who to work for. we’d like to make more than $125. We had worked the Whitset/Tilden area which was east compared to y’all. I would like your thoughts if you have any toward J&G Security & Sitewatch & any recommendations you have, I like you’re pros & cons. we worked COE and just can’t make enough to get ahead to travel. I agree with you on GG to make more money! Thanks, Lynn

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