Lions, Tigers, and Pigs… OH MY!!!

Wait a minute…

From the Wizard of Oz, wasn’t that phrase: Lions, Tigers, and Bears… Oh My!

Yes, it was… but here in the oil patch (in the heart of the south Texas brush country), I changed it to PIGS, as in wild pigs.

I went to Pearsall for groceries yesterday and on my way back I saw a big wild boar on the side of the road (alive). He panicked as my car drove by so I slowed way down. Those fellows can do major damage you know!

Then, this morning at about 4:30 am, my motion detector inside the gate area (where we reside I might add) started going off. I put my jacket on and headed for the door.

No one there. No truck… nothing.

So I went back to doing dishes. The alarm went off again. And again, no one was there.

The third time this happened the pranksters appeared… wild pigs. Last year I saw Javalinas so I know these were not them. I started hyperventilating and broke out with goosebumps.

You see, I grew up on a farm in central Illinois. And we had pigs. Even though they were domestic pigs, I still learned a healthy respect for these guys. When I was 4-years-old I somehow took my toy baby buggy to the pig yard and left it there. Don’t ask me who was not watching me, I have no idea.

Long story short, those dirty pigs totally destroyed that toy buggy. I think they were new mammas and that is a very dangerous situation.

So even though I grew up on a farm, it doesn’t mean I’m brave when it comes to animals… wild or not. I don’t like the cows that come around our rig either. One almost wrapped himself up in our flag yesterday.

Thankfully, I have not heard any coyotes. As you all know by now, these guys REALLY FREAK ME OUT!

You’ll be glad to know I’m fine now. I took a chill pill (really, I took a B-vitamin-Inositol which is a calming vitamin) and I feel better now. Much!

Perhaps I should switch to decaf??? 🙂

Does the local wild life unnerve anyone else? I know Bob B. is totally unnerved by snakes and Debbie B. is an arachnophobia sufferer (add me to both of those lists :-))

What about it… what are you afraid of? I’d like to know I’m not the only coward wearing a glow-in-the-dark vest that screams, “Here I am… come and get me!”

Till next time,



7 thoughts on “Lions, Tigers, and Pigs… OH MY!!!

  1. Loved the post Vicky. Fears…..well yes…..I have more than just a fear of snakes. Lately the fear of being inisignificant getting a grip on me. No cure for that.

  2. Snakes and spiders for sure… mostly cause they are so easy to NOT see till you are on top of them or they on top of you. The other animals, we both have a deep respect for them, enjoy watching (at a distance) Just praying they keep that distance. We have seen Javalinas, Wild Pigs, Roadrunners, Rabbits, BIG spiders, Lots and lots of bulls and cows, those suckers are big and get really close to the camper, too. The ranch owner advised us to keep eye out for the BIG BULL, he has been know to ‘chase’ his owner… LOL.. and has HORNS! I saw a coyote a couple of evenings back.. crossing the road just a few yards from the camper but he didn’t come close and was going AWAY from us , thankfully.
    Sorry, guess I should have posted ALL this on my own blog 🙂
    Take care all!

    • My little Chihuahuas are about the biggest animals I like to be around. Everything else freaks me out… but I’m dealing with it. Luckily this rig has not been very busy at night so I don’t have to go out and deal with it. But, when a gate is busy it tends to scare away the animals. So quiet is not always good I guess!


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