We just thought we’d have time on our hands!

Well, we’ve been back at our home-base in Teague for almost 4 weeks and just now coming up for air.

Don’t get me wrong, being back with our daughter Bobbi and our three granddaughters, Corynn-12, Katelyn-6, and Lily-2, has been a true blessing. They do keep us hopping though.

Bob and I went to Waco a couple of weeks ago and got new bicycles to strap on to the back of the Suburban (so we can ride on streets and bike trails as we travel). Exercise is a key ingredient to staying young so no better time to get more active!!!

So now we go into town and go riding with Lily and Kate. Katie is just learning to ride a big bike and she is doing awesome. Less than two days and she was riding on her own. She is absolutely fearless… who knew!*?@#??!!

Corynn has been accepted into the NAM (National American Miss) program for this year. At age 12 she is in the pre-teen program. She has a pageant coming up this summer… she is so excited! We all are!!!

Last fall we joined the RCI vacation system. We’ve been members of Coast to Coast for 20 years and love it. We decided to join the RCI program now that we are retired and ready to travel. We are working towards taking a catamaran cruise for a week in the spring of 2014. It will be somewhere in the Carabbean or the Bahamas. Bob is an avid sailor so this is right up his alley 🙂

I’m not sure if we will do the snorkeling on our cruise, but they offer kayaking and we defenitely want to do that. Of course, the captain welcomes people to come try their hand at the ship’s wheel… they may regret that when Bob gets onboard. We have not owned a sailboat for several years so he is positively itching to get his hands on the wheel again!

One thing that looks like fun is the “noodle bar.” The first mate (also the cook) gets the adult beverages in a floating container and sets it up in the water. Passengers get on noodles or floating chairs and lounge around  drinking their favorite drinks… while in the water. I mean… does it get any better than that? I can’t wait!

I must say, at first learning all about RCI seemed like a daunting task. But, they have a wonderful organization. Thank goodness for the Internet… I can’t imagine what it was like before you could browse for vacations online. Everytime I call RCI for support, they are extremely helpful and friendly. I tell them I’m new and they simply say, “That’s what we are here for!” I thought customer service like that was all but dead. Thankfully, I was wrong.

We recently purchased and installed a new water purification system in the Silver Bullet. I’ll get a picture of the set up and post it here next. Before the new system we just used a high grade water filter (single unit) and a water softener. In many cases, especially in Cotulla and Las Vegas, we would have to recharge the softener every week since it was so small and trying to clean up such horrible water.

Now we can go for weeks and the water is so clear! I’ll give you more details next time. I wish we would have had this out in the oil patch!

Till next time…