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If you have a full-time RVing question, just let me know and I’ll answer it to the best of my ability! Thank you πŸ™‚



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  1. Doyou have to be bonded to do gate guarding ? Who can I contact to find out about some work, I retired in October and I’m looking for a job.

    Thanks Norman

  2. No, you do not need to be bonded. We did have paperwork to fill out but I don’t remember being bonded. They do a background check and you have to get your fingerprints done and send them in. Some of the companies say they do a drug test, but we have not had that with GGS. Of course, that’s not to say we might have to have it done at some point in the future. It’s always possible I suppose. I’ve created a Gate Guard Info page on my blog. You may view it by clicking here:
    (Copy & paste into your browser if it does not show up as a link or go to the top of this page and click on Gate Guard Info.

    Let me know if you have any more questions!


  3. We were wondering why some wells they Frac 2 shifts(Day and Night) and some they only work 1 shift. I had a Company Man Answer that when this frac crew came in at the Schwope. He said it depended on the customer and they way the contract is written. They are working one shift here.. they only frac during daylight hours and they get ready for it on the other shift. We worked to other gates ere they fraced both shifts and that is very busy

    • That is very interesting Luke. We are learning that every contract is different. For example, here at our ranch, the owner has it in his contract that as long as anything is going on, he gets a gate guard. We truly do learn a lot about this job every day! Thanks for your input πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Nana, it’s Corynn and I have a question for you. Okay, so if your Gate Guarding and a person you don’t know comes what do you do?????? Another question how do you, like ummmm, Idon’t know how to explain it but, How do you let people in, is there like a chart of the names of people you let in????? Or, what I have no idea the way I’m on your computer!!!


    • Hi Corynn,

      We don’t know the people at the gate and no, we don’t have a list. We just believe they are supposed to be here and write down their name, license number, company name, where they are going, and their arrival time on the login sheet we use. By the way, great question πŸ™‚

  5. Dear Vicky, I have been reading your wonderful blogs. My husband is from South Texas and we moved to Virginia about 12 years ago and return to visit during the holidays each year.. A few of his relatives work in the oilfields are are urging us to come down and do gatekeeping, thus my research and finding your blog. Do any gatekeepers work during the winter months? I ask because we are very familiar with Texas’ heat, bugs, and weather, so
    would like to do some gatekeeping during the winter (December – April)…..any advice as to who to work for and what to look for when applying for the job? Thanks. Dorothy Ricord

    • Great question… Yes Dorothy, the gatekeepers do work year-round. Work is a bit more sparse in the winter months because “Winter Texans” come down here to escape the harsh winters up north. Some of the guards work almost continuously while others (like us) do it part-time. We live in the Houston area so the heat is not an issue for us. We are used to it… if that’s possible πŸ˜€

  6. My husband and I were on site oil field geoglogist so we lived on site 24/7. That was quite a few years ago and now I’m a widow,but interested in working in the oil field again I’m wondering if these companies hire singles. I’m very dependable but of course can’t do 24 hours for ever. Do you hve any idea which companies would be best to contact as a single. I’m a older female have my own RV and can certainly live off grid.Thanks so much for any information you may be able to provide me with. Thanks Cree

    • Hi!
      Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will become a subscriber. I just do it for fun, no ads on it at all.
      I know Timekeepers has single gates. I don’t know at all if any others do, but go to the Gate Guard Info page on my site and give them all a call and email. What’s the worst they can say?

      Good luck!

  7. Hi Vicky; My husband and I have been lerking and reading all about the gate guarding life for some months now. We have been FT RV’s for 16 years and have worked on the road all this time but are tired of retail/cashier jobs and are heading to TX to try our hand at the gate guarding jobs. I know it is hot there right now but we would like the solitude and of course the extra money. We have been following your blog for some time and are surprised to see you have changed companies from GGS to Riata. Can you give me some of the reasons for the change? Most bloggers seem to work for GGS and most have good things to say about their reliability. How do you like Riata? We are headid down there next week and are eager to hear from you about your change and advice on who to contact. Thanks, Janet

  8. Just wondering if you have heard that other gate companies are doing the same thing as Gate Guard Service by issuing a letter of non-disclosure? I have talked with a few other gate guard companies inquiring about their benefits and pay and even though they have heard about the recent non-disclosure letter, they did not say that they were doing the same thing.

    The reason I ask is the last time I read your blog you wrote that you left GGS and went with a small gate guard company run by a lady that wanted to keep it small.

    We worked from last November thru June 10th this year for GGS then had to return home to have foundation repairs done to our house. We plan on coming back hopefully the first week of September, but we may not stay with GGS


    • We are not with GGS at this time. The other small company we went to work for turned out to not be such a good thing. Bigger is better. We are exploring a couple of companies at this time for an October 1 start date. We have things to take care of before that date. Who knows who we will work with next! Life is an adventure!!!


      • I am kind of late asking you another question about your short gate guard job with this other small company since we are planning on leaving for Texas this Wednesday, Sept. 5th.

        Anyway, there was a lady that called me about coming to work for her and her husband. She sounded very nice and pay was not bad with an additional amount available if traffic becomes heavier or more activity in the night hours. Her name was Cynthia and her husband is Jasper I think. She had a gate that the couple wanted some time off and needed someone 09/02. She said that they might stay as late as 09/09 if we could commit and be there for sure by then. I told her that we could not be for sure that we could get there by that date, and I thanked her for asking. The next day she posted in workamper news that they needed someone.

        Can you tell me if this is the same company you worked for? They are “CJ Secured Gates”. They are new and want to remain a small company.


        Terry…………you can send a reply at tjwalden at if you don’t want
        to reply here, or want to delete anything I wrote.

  9. Well good luck with your adventure and whatever you decide to do. By the way I sure like your Travel Supreme MH. They were some of the nicest motorhomes built.

    • I sure agree with you Terry, thank you. We are so sad that Travel Supreme is no longer in business. Actually, Jayco bought all the Travel Supreme stuff and now makes similar motorhomes under the Entegra name. However, they are not the same quality as the original Travel Supreme. We just looked at them and decided to upgrade from our 2004 to a 2007 used TS instead of a new Entegra. They just are not as nice as TS (or as well constructed). We are getting the same floor plan with the desk built in and table and freestanding chairs. We love that plan. We are also going from a 42′ to a 45′. So the kitchen is a bit bigger and the bedroom.


      • Hi Vicky, So glad I found this spot to ask a question. πŸ™‚ My husband and I have been in contact with GGS and one other co. but shucks I lost their info… it is somewhere in one of my note pads πŸ™‚

        But back to my question… are there any restrictions on the type or size of RV the GGs use? Reason being we are planning on the purchase of a rather small on tomorrow… about 19′ in length, with no slides. The hope / plan is that we will be able to do the gate(s) for a few months… and save up a downpayment for a larger unit, and most likely a newer one as well. We so want to do this… but funds don’t allow for a ‘big rig’ right now.

        We know we can do it, so long as the companies have no issues with a smaller rv.

      • Hi Marsha,
        I’m not aware of any restrictions when it comes to the type of RV you use. My only comment/recommendation is to make sure it is in good repair. If you have water leaks get them fixed. Check your roof for old caulking and replace it if need be. And make sure your air conditioner(s) are working at peak performance. Other than that, if you can live 24/7 in a 19′ space and get your sleep, you are good to go as far as I know. Good luck! Let me know where you end up and with who!

  10. Are you back in the oilfield? Looking forward to your posts. I met you at the Cotulla DQ ladies gathering. We are still working but changed GG companies.

    • We thought we would be back on Oct. 1, but we are still on the list with our new company. Winter Texans are coming down so lists are getting longer. PM me about your new company. Great to hear from you.

      I’m so bad about posting when we are off. Between just relaxing, traveling & being with the grandkids time gets away from me very quickly!

  11. Hope all is going well in Vegas.

    I was just reading some of your blog for the first time. I must say, I agree with you on most but you need to leave the hunting and fishing shows alone. That’s true reality and fine entertainment.

    Be safe, love y’all

  12. Hi Vicky, My wife and I love reading your blogs. Because of your your blog, and some others, we have decided to start gate guarding in Feb. 2013. I was wondering if it is possible to get some info on gate guard companies ie. which ones have a good reputation (from the guard perspective) and which ones to stay away from. I am not looking for specifics just maybe your take on various companies. We have spoke to Loma and they sound good but other companies I have called or e-mailed have not responded. I am aware that it is best to show up in person and we certainly will but I thought that if I could narrow down the choices I could save the drive time with our motorhome. We will be gate guarding year round (summers included as we have always lived in the desert southwest). Thank you, Tim and Katie Mangan

    • We certainly do recommend LOMA. Riata is too small and they are a bit flaky. Gate Guard Services is not real organized so their service and equipment leave much to be desired.

      Our last gig was with LOMA and they seem to have it all together! Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  13. Hi. Stumbled upon your blog while searching for tax info for gate guards. We’ve been working for LOMA since May, 2012 and love it. Now it’s time to file the 2012 income taxes and have had little luck getting accurate deduction info. Is there such a thing as a per diem deduction for use of our RV? Been full-timing since April 2008. Got tired of working RV parks and discovered gate guarding as an alternative. It’s working for us!

  14. I have a question about the pay. I spoke with a lady who works for Primo as a gate guard and she told me her and her husband both do the job. She said the pay was about 175 – 200 dollars per day. My question is this, is that pay for the both of them or does each one of the get that amount since they are working a 24 hour gate? Because she did say they work 12 hour shifts. She recommended another company called “Red Horse” and of course Gate Guard. Do you know anything about Red Horse? Thanks for any assistance on how the payment schedule is and how are you paid weekly or monthly as a subcontractor.

    • Regarding the pay, that is per day and both of you work. After all, you need to sleep too. And cook and shower because you must be there 24/7. One usually works 12 hours and the other partner works 12 hours. You both split the daily money. Usually you get paid every two weeks, but that can vary by company. LOMA is a great company to work for.

      With most companies out there, you are an independent contractor, not an employee.

      About Red Horse, I’ve never heard of the.

      Hope this helps.

  15. Hi Vicki
    We’re about to become fulltime rvers and are struggling to find self-storage insurance given that we will not own a home or have tenant insurance. Can you advise what the solution is that other full time rvrs have found?
    doug and fran

    • I don’t know what other people are doing about storage insurance, I would think you could buy some through your storage facility. That said, we do not insure our contents since we did not put much in storage. We sold and gave away everything in our house. The only reason we have a storage unit is to store our tax returns and the extra chairs that came with our RV. We have a few other items,but nothing that we actually need to worry about replacing. All that is on board our rig. Good luck in your new lifestyle. We’ve been full-timers for 5+ years now and love it. No plans to quit!

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