Businesses Supporting Gate Guards

For gate guards who have been on assignment for any time at all, it doesn’t take long to miss the convenience of civilization. I’ll explain…

Bob & I take vitamins and eat a healthy diet. In the cities it’s not hard to do this. But out here in the desolate brush country of South Texas, finding the unique things we’re used to using has proven to be quite a challenge. We usually resort to mail-order to get the things we want and need. This includes RV parts, vitamins, non-perishable foods, clothing, and many other items.

Below is a list of businesses that will let gate guards use their location as a shipping address for UPS and FedEx packages. They usually ask that you include your phone number on the shipping label somewhere so they can call you when your package arrives. As a thank you for this valuable service, it’s a good practice to make them a priority as much as possible when you need to by things. Whenever we need something that our local ACE Hardware store in Cotulla may stock, we always check with them first to see if we can spend our money there.

If you have a business you’d like to see added to this list, please let me know !

Cotulla, Texas:

ACE Hardware
302 N. Front Street
Cotulla, Texas 78014
Phone: 830-879-2223

Freer, Texas:

J & J Supply
308 East Riley
Freer, Texas 78357
Phone: 361-394-5711


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