Getting ready to hit the road again…

I find it hard to get to my computer these days. We have been so busy. Honestly, some times I don’t turn my computer on for 4-5 days. Let me see if I can get caught up…

We got back to Texas, from our winter in Las Vegas, in February. On the way back we spent several days in Mesa, Arizona. I met up with an old childhood “best” friend, Angie Darzes-VanDaele. She now publishes a bridal magazine for the Phoenix area brides. It was so good to see her. I can’t wait till we go back!

We also spent a wonderful evening with my cousin, Spencer Wallace, and his wife at their home in Mesa. They have a very nice place there. Huge back yard with trees, grass and a pool! We enjoy traveling and getting to see family and friends… to keep in touch. People matter 🙂

When we reached San Antonio we spent several days at Iron Horse RV getting our new water purification system installed in The Silver Bullet. We get tired of hauling around bottles of water… and filling them. Plus we like to use the water dispenser in the door of the refrigerator and the ice-maker. Now we have very close to bottle quality water.

I’m writing this on my iPad and can’t put pictures into the post. When I get back to my computer I’ll post some pics.

Back to San Antonio, we also enjoyed having dinner with friends of ours who live in New Braunfels. They are fellow RVers, just not full-timers. While at Iron Horse, we met a wonderful Canadian couple. They are Betty and Paul Sutton and they are from the Yukon area. They were in the middle of their USA tour and enjoying every minute of it. Things are considerably cheaper down here. They were in having a propane leak tracked down and fixed. We became Facebook friends. As we say in Texas, Betty is a hoot! (if you are reading this Betty, that’s a good thing 🙂

Next stop was back to Teague and to the three granddaughters there. I did not realize we had been gone from them for 5 months. The 2-year-old was getting p_ssed!!! She was demanding we get HOME! N O W!!!

After sitting in Teague for 2 months, we were itching to get on the road… again!!!

So we went to Glen Rose, Texas to visit a Coast to Coast resort we had not been to before. We have decided to start visiting more of these as we travel, much more affordable. The resort was the Tres Rios RV River Resort. Again, I have a picture I’ll post when I get back to my computer. It was a very clean, level, and pretty park. On the fifth day we left for Denton, Texas. Our old hometown.

When I met Bob, the first weekend we met physically after emailing and calling for three months, it was the weekend of the Denton Jazz and Arts Festival. He informed me that he never missed it, but he was giving it up to see me. I’m so glad he did 🙂

This was our first time back for the festival since we went full-time in 2008. The best act was The Original Blues Brother’s Band. They were outstanding!

Tonight we are spending the night in Katy, Texas. We went to the Hotze Health and Wellness Center today. Bob was due for bloodwork and we are working on our allergies. So we are spending a rare night in a hotel. Man, have they gotten expensive… yikes! Tomorrow we will be back in Teague. The grandkids are babysitting Capt. Jack & Jesse for the night. Those little doggies are in heaven with all of that attention 🙂

On May 15th we will embark on a 2-month trip to Illinois. My parents are up there and we want to spend some quality time with them. Last year they sold part of their farm and moved into town. My mother is in love with her new-to-her-house. They used to spend 4-6 months every winter in Yuma, Arizona in their motorhome. (That apple did not fall far from the tree… think?) With their age and Dad’s health issues, they have not gone for the last two years. They hung up their “travel keys.”

As we were calling around trying to find a campground in their area that could accommodate our rig, we got offered a sweet job. We will be Camp Hosts at Johnson’s Sauk Trail State Park near Kewanee, Illinois. We will work three days a week in exchange for a full hook-up site. We’ll work Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. For us that works out great. I can go golf during the week and we can visit with Mom & Dad anytime. And best of all, we work right from our campsite. No bathroom cleaning, just sign campers up when they come in, let them know what there is to do in the area and collect their money. Kind of similar to the gate guarding gig, but only 7.5 hours a day and three days a week. We are signed up for six weeks.

While we are up there, Bob’s daughter from Iowa (and our grandson Tyler) will come with their trailer and spend a few days camping with us. We will also be visiting my aunts, uncles, and cousins who all live up there. I’m hoping to get some of my high school friends together for an afternoon… maybe we can pull this off!

While we were in the DFW area last weekend, we went to Whole Foods Market and stocked up on grass-fed beef, pastured pork & chicken, and organic produce. I’m ready to roll 🙂

I recently read a tip for full-timers that we have decided to do. We have two credit cards we use to pay for almost everything now. We pay them off every month so we are not running up debt. One is a Cabela’s visa and the other a Discover. Both earn points.

Here is what is cool. While we were near Dallas, we went to Cabela’s to buy some summer gear–shorts, socks, shirts, etc. Our bill came to about $117 and our Cabela’s points payed for $94.63!!! Wow 🙂 And everytime I order from Amazon, I get to apply my accumulated Discover points. Not too shabby!

It all adds up…

I’ll post some pictures soon and will keep you posted on our travels.

Till next time,



Lions, Tigers, and Pigs… OH MY!!!

Wait a minute…

From the Wizard of Oz, wasn’t that phrase: Lions, Tigers, and Bears… Oh My!

Yes, it was… but here in the oil patch (in the heart of the south Texas brush country), I changed it to PIGS, as in wild pigs.

I went to Pearsall for groceries yesterday and on my way back I saw a big wild boar on the side of the road (alive). He panicked as my car drove by so I slowed way down. Those fellows can do major damage you know!

Then, this morning at about 4:30 am, my motion detector inside the gate area (where we reside I might add) started going off. I put my jacket on and headed for the door.

No one there. No truck… nothing.

So I went back to doing dishes. The alarm went off again. And again, no one was there.

The third time this happened the pranksters appeared… wild pigs. Last year I saw Javalinas so I know these were not them. I started hyperventilating and broke out with goosebumps.

You see, I grew up on a farm in central Illinois. And we had pigs. Even though they were domestic pigs, I still learned a healthy respect for these guys. When I was 4-years-old I somehow took my toy baby buggy to the pig yard and left it there. Don’t ask me who was not watching me, I have no idea.

Long story short, those dirty pigs totally destroyed that toy buggy. I think they were new mammas and that is a very dangerous situation.

So even though I grew up on a farm, it doesn’t mean I’m brave when it comes to animals… wild or not. I don’t like the cows that come around our rig either. One almost wrapped himself up in our flag yesterday.

Thankfully, I have not heard any coyotes. As you all know by now, these guys REALLY FREAK ME OUT!

You’ll be glad to know I’m fine now. I took a chill pill (really, I took a B-vitamin-Inositol which is a calming vitamin) and I feel better now. Much!

Perhaps I should switch to decaf??? 🙂

Does the local wild life unnerve anyone else? I know Bob B. is totally unnerved by snakes and Debbie B. is an arachnophobia sufferer (add me to both of those lists :-))

What about it… what are you afraid of? I’d like to know I’m not the only coward wearing a glow-in-the-dark vest that screams, “Here I am… come and get me!”

Till next time,


Introducing Hector & his friends…

Our little adopted friend, Hector the Horny Toad Lizard. He’s very tame. I tried to upload a new picture, but it just won’t publish. Go figure???

Hector is our new pet it seems. This picture is taken next to our step and he just sits there as we go in and out. Actually, I’ve just researched this little fellow and he’s really a lizard. Better yet, they eat ants.

And that is great news since we are up to our axles in a termite field. When we first got here last week I noticed these strange mud tubes going all over the place on our pad. Not only on our pad, but the whole field around us and across the drive where we park our car. When I stepped on these tubes I noticed little white ants… TERMITES… YIKES!!!

Mud tubes/tunnels on the ground. The termites travel system.

Overview of the mud-tunnels termites use to move around and live in under less than ideal enviromental conditions… like out here.

Subterranian termite tubes. All of these pictures are taken from our pad site, field, and driveway around us.

Now when I hear the word termites I really panic. You see, my parents just lost their battle with the termites in their 160-180-year-old house in Illinois. Over the years my dad knew he had termites, but he always assumed the house would outlive them. Guess what, as my old room upstairs started to join the living room below and the kitchen was becoming a landmine of where to step safely, suffice it to say… THE TERMITES WON! They just sold part of their farm and bought a charming house in town. Mom is in heaven with central air-conditioning for the first time in her life.

This is how they travel all over by building their unique structures to protect them.

A termite colony on the move.

Termite colony on side of our gate driveway.

Back to our little pad co-dwellers… the termites. We called an exterminator who came and sprayed (Cost: $65) and told us they were not the kind that typically goes into a home and does damage. Huh?

He also said he didn’t think they were subterranian termites. Bob can’t remember what he called them (I was asleep). So I did some research and they definitely ARE subterranian termites. Now with our house being up in the air, it does make it harder for them to get into our home, but we plan to be very vigilant in our fight against them.

Just in case they are subterranian termites, the exterminator suggested we get buckets to collect the water dripping off our roof onto the ground (from the A/C units running). Water definitely attracts these fellows. Bob also opened the bag of lime we had in the car and spread it around the perimeter around our rig. When I go to town Wednesday (for the ladies DQ get together in Cotulla), I will go to the Ace Hardware store and get the spray and a sprayer. They recommended a spray for us to use to protect our RV.

We will be looking for mud tubes in the basement or even in the main living areas above, or what looks like areas of sand. Both would be signs of termite infestation. At that point we would need to have a tent fumigation done.

We are crossing our fingers and hoping these little creatures stay on the ground and will keep spraying to kill any near the coach. And y’all thought rattlesnakes, scorpions, and tarantulas were your biggest threats! Ha!!!

Talking about freak things that happen in the oil patch, we had a gustnado, well actually it was a powerful dust devel, go through here yesterday. It was a freaky thing for sure! Last winter out at the Nye ranch we saw many small dust devils, but this thing was way bigger and more powerful.

Bob was working and logging in a truck outside the door. I was sitting at my computer at the kitchen table. All of a sudden, the whole rig was shaking and the window awnings were vibrating. I looked outside and could not even see Bob or the truck just 10 feet from the coach. All I could see was a thick cloud of dust swirling around. After it was over, Bob had to go search for his sun hat in the field.

We had one of our two drilling rigs move out today. They will finish up tomorrow. Up until this event we did not have much dust and we were feeling pretty smug. But with all of the big trucks in & out today we have caliche dust the consistency of talcum powder and it is accumulating all over the inside. We now run two air filters and that is helping some. We’ll take any help we can get 😀

It certainly has been an eventful week. But we are keeping our cool and doing just fine and that’s all that matters!

Till next time,