Gee… we were just discussing this & shazaam!

A funny thing happened this week and I want to share it with you and get your opinion…

A few days ago, Bob and I were sitting around & talking about the fact that there are so many “reality” shows on TV these days. Personally, we avoid them like the plague! It all started when we were trying to watch the Weather Channel. I used to love that channel when it came onboard the cable line-up back in the ’80s. It was all about the weather so you could tune in and find out what you needed to know and move on when you were done.

Now you have to wade through all kinds of reality shows just to get a glimpse of any weather information for your particular area. And successful shows eventually grow up and produce baby shows, called spin-offs. First came Coast Guard Alaska and then came Coast Guard Florida. We were members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary before we became full-timers so our hats are off to the members of the Coast Guard.

But, it all gets rather tedious and repetitive after a while. Just like the logger shows… and the fishing shows… and the inside-look-at-_______ type shows. Who cares!

Personally, I could not care less about Kim & her sisters & their personal discussions & dilemmas. The Kardashian family is phony in my opinion. Kim’s marriage to the basketball player last year was a sham. They ought to be ashamed of themselves… but they aren’t. In fact, they are making money hand over fist. I just don’t understand it???

I used to watch Deadliest Catch back when it started. I used to love to watch it in the early years… before it became a grind and the bickering became unbearable. I must admit, I was in tears during most of the season when Capt. Phil Harris was dying of his massive stroke. Although, with his high-stress load and chain-smoking, it was not a big surprise. It’s not a lifestyle or responsibility I’d want for sure.

I quit watching the season after Phil died. I tried to pick up on the next season, but it was just not the same. I don’t even know if it is still on anymore to tell the truth…

I tried to watch one of the spin-offs, “Hilstranded,” but it just seemed scripted and put on. Each episode was about different fishing adventures with Jon & Andy Hilstrand. I’m sorry, but how many fishing shows can I stomach! I like the Hilstrand brothers, but this was overkill.

I just Googled “Honey Boo Boo” tonight to see just who or what a Honey Boo Boo was? I watched a few clips of interviews with the pint-sized, overweight starlet-wannabe and her mother and was instantly very sorry for doing it. Apparently Alana Thompson is Honey Boo Boo and she is originally from the reality show Toddler’s and Tiara’s. Really? You could have knocked me over with a feather on that one! My first impression was that someone needed to turn her over a knee and teach her respect and manners. I can only imagine the kind of teenager, and then adult she will become.

I digress on my rant…

So Bob and I were talking about how we were surprised that they did not have a reality show about full-time RVers. Especially one following gate guards. There could be lots of drama in that one.

We both agreed, we have a nice quiet life as is and we want to keep it that way. I have no aspirations about sitting and chatting with Jay Leno, wearing a dress that sticks to me like it is three sizes too small. I recently saw Kris Kardashian-Jenner on tonight and she was constantly holding down her dress when she sat down so she did not give a surprise showing of what was underneath 🙂 You know, it’s refreshing when you see a star come out dressed appropriately and comfortably. And, they don’t look like a plastic blow-up doll. (But that’s another rant I won’t go into right now.)

It wasn’t two days ago we were having this conversation. Then, yesterday we were perusing through the Workamper News daily Hotline that comes to our email and what did we see?


RV Owners: Major TV Network Wants to Hear Your Story! 

Major Cable TV network is currently seeking RV owners for an upcoming pilot. If you live in any type of home-on-wheels and love the open road, we want to hear from you! Seeking all personalities and lifestyles. Whether you have a unique story to tell, or have an RV like no other, please tell us a bit about yourself by emailing XXXXXX@XXXXXX.XXX

 Thank you!

Casting Team<<<

OMG–Here’s the next population segment they are going to exploit. This ought to be good!

I wonder if we will see anyone we know… Hmmmmm?

I can say with ABSOLUTE certainly, it will NOT be us!!!

Would you be on a reality show about RVing? What are your thoughts?

Till next time,



Must be the calm before the storm…

The good news, it’s not raining! Of course, that’s bad news for Texas, especially south Texas. This is supposed to be our rainy season so dry weather now does not bode well for this summer. I sure hope we don’t have another scorcher this summer.

Last year was also bad for RV air conditioners. We were in and out of the shop last summer with breakers tripping for the A/C units. We have three roof units and it was a stress on two of the units in particular. I’ve read in forums that we were not the only ones having A/C problems in the extreme heat.

We had the whole electrical system checked out and no problems found and we still kept tripping breakers in the triple digit heat. We even started propping the breaker panel doors open to keep the cool air blowing on them. It was a miserable, hot & dry summer indeed.

Now for the ranch… all was calm last night and and is tonight. I know it won’t last, but while I’m building my nocturnal courage (not for lions, tigers & bears but for coyotes, wild pigs & crawling things) it’s good to have the calm.

I gave myself a scare last night. Our company man said it would probably be quiet all night. So, since I’m getting acclimated to working nights and sleeping days, I got pretty drowsy around 4:00 am and took a nap. Two hours later I woke up and looked out at the gate and my mind played a trick on me. I thought the gate was wide open!!! A big no-no… 

I went to get Bob up. I told him I fell asleep and someone went out the gate and left it wide open and since NO ONE was out there I just could not get myself to go out alone (I’m working on my nocturnal fear remember). Now our front door to the gate is about 60+ feet and we have to open and shut the gate at all times. It’s well lit, but not right outside the door for sure. So he got up and got dressed (thankfully it was 6:30 and he had about 7 hours of sleep by then). I went to the bathroom and when I came out he informed me that the gate was still locked.

I looked out and sure enough, he was right. The way the gate is made caused me to think it was open in my blur of waking up. I said a prayer of thanks. Since this is a hunting ranch I want to make sure and do a good job for the ranch owner. He’s a very nice man.

Tonight I’ve sworn off taking any naps. I’m keeping a watchful eye. I’ve learned my lesson!

Happy New Year everyone!